Mountain Tours

Studied deeply before I left home,
About this beauty with bite –
And learned to tackle attitude,
Aptitude, altitude – call it height!
Mountains – the roof of Africa,
Meru and Kilimanjaro,
Extinct volcanoes for years –
Massive, impressive giant miracles
That enchant our hearts with joy and fears!

Though often ignored in favour of its big sister Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is a worthy trekker’s paradise. This massive volcano endured a violent explosion at an estimated 200 million years ago, and in its wake the explosion left towering cliffs in a gaping U-shaped ridge facing east towards Kilmanjaro. Its craggy top lies at the westernmost point of the summit ridge at 4,566m (14,979 ft).
What makes this trek truly special is the chance to see animals on foot. The lower section of the trail runs into the forest on the Meru crater floor, with many large, potentially dangerous game animals about. An armed ranger comes along on this trek for safety.
Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain, and the world’s highest volcano. It is also part of the legacy of both the Chagga farmers and the Maasai shepherds and therewith an image of agricultural toil, and of traditional pastoral values. The growth of international travel has turned Mount Kilimanjaro into one of East Africa’s major tourist attractions.
Starting from Hatari, we are going to use Lemosho Route, which is the best ascent route as it offers the complete Kilimanjaro experience, but also more acclimatization time, more culture, more spectacular scenery and even a night in Kibo Caldera. We will pass through five ecological zones , from tropical to alpine, from scrub-lands to lush forests to flowering tundra…

Survival List:

  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Balaclava
  • Well worn hiking shoes
  • Thermal clothing
  • Headlamp
    Sun screen
  • Walking poles
  • Thermal sleeping bag
  • A big smile on your face and a long breath

We recommend the months of july until october and december until march for your travel.

Kilimanjaro For All! The African Embassy Safaris invites you to a trip to the Shira Plateau - one of the most fascinating and scenic areas on Kilimanjaro. The Shira Cone rises about 200 meters above the plateau. Beyond it, to the west, is the Shira Ridge, a steep rise reaching almost 400 meters above plateau level at its trig point. The southern ridge of the Shira Plateau has two dramatic peaks called Cathedral and the Needle. The drive to and from Shira offers magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley, studded with mountains. Among them Mt. Meru and Longido are especially prominent. The Shira zone of parasitic cones extends along to the north of the road, from plain to plateau. The vegetation changes along the track are striking. The plateau is grassland, heath and moor, with especially large senecios (up to 10 meters high) in valleys near the Cone. Elands can often be seen on the plateau, and you may see signs of buffaloes, leopards and other animals. Exploring Shira Plateau by foot is an activity we offer you giving a Kilmanjaro challenge which fits the abilities of almost everybody. That's why we call it Kilimanjaro for all! Enjoy the tremendous landscapes when you walk in a relaxed manner and have a nice lunch picnic on top of Africa!


Meru Hopper

Meru Hopper

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Kibo Hopper

Kibo Hopper

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Kilimanjaro For All - A Hike on the Shira Plateau

Kilimanjaro For All

A Hike on the Shira Plateau

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