The 'Other' Safari

From lush green mountain rainforests surrounding craters, lakes and countless hills to the wide and open spaces of steppes and savannahs, from acacia woodlands to lowland coastal forests, rivers and the turquoise coloured Indian Ocean, our The African Embassy Safari – Hopper's include safari's in all parts of Africa – by flight, jeep, boat or on foot. All our hoppers are combinable. Thereby you can create your personal safari hopper as you prefer it. We explore the unexplored – no well trodden paths, no famous national parks; we do not follow the deep-rutted tracks of minibusses and Land Rovers and completely avoid big hotel chains with their impersonal atmosphere – our guests stay at unique, independent and privately owned camps and lodges. All our Safari – Hopper's include a stay at our fabulous Hatari Lodge and our exclusive Shu'mata Camp, where you will get the chance to have a closer look at some of the projects of our Momella Foundation.