The Difference in How and Where We Travel

A safari, no doubt, is one of the greatest and most impressive travel experiences in the world, whether done by jeep, on foot, by boat, by plane or on horseback. Safari though, in recent years, has largely turned into a commercial experience, into a tool of mass tourism. Jeeps are queuing a few meters away from a pride of lions, their passengers eagerly ticking another one of the “Big Five” off their list, and evenings are spent crowding at the buffets of large five-star hotels, while a group of men dressed as Maasai is eagerly jumping so as to confirm the commercial image of indigenous people transmitted to us from early childhood in movies – made in Hollywood! Occasionally, one might wonder if the experience hadn’t been closer to nature, if one had remained at home watching a documentary about the wildlife in Africa on TV while slowly nibbling a bowl of popcorn!
When we say “safari”, we mean a journey that opens your senses through attention to details, through choice, through growing and learning by watching nature and wildlife. We do not take the trodden paths, but instead lead you to selected properties at memorable locations where you will live and dine well. All our safari hopper's include either a stay at Hatari Lodge and/or a stay at Shu'mata Camp, both high class properties, which we, Marlies and Joerg Gabriel, run on site.

Safari means “trip” or “journey” in the Swahili language. When you are on this journey, you will be accompanied by a competent and knowledgeable local guide who will slowly lead you through the miracles and mysteries of our nature – at your own pace!

We are not out to hunt the “Big Five” with our cameras, but pay to each part of nature our due respect – whether the majestic Baobab tree or the little bud in the grass, whether the impressive elephant or the fluffy butterfly fluttering from one flower to the next.

Each destination of our hopper's throughout east Africa we reach by flight. Thereby we bypass bad infrastructure and start our safari's in a relaxed manner. Joerg Gabriel, grown up in East Africa and India, travelled through many african countries and published his experiences in several guide books. While studying politics and geography he managed a travel agency for special safaris in East Africa. As a manger and a guide he run an exclusive safari camp in Selous Game Reserve. This expertise is the basis for our well selected safari places which we offer to you at the best travel time.

We are not out to tick lists of famous sites, but will always take you to the best place and season in time.
With all our senses, we want to experience this new world, in which a spectacular variety of flora and fauna and human culture still live together in harmony.
We take our time and don’t leave a place until we feel that we have absorbed its colors and sounds and smells, and our senses have been stimulated and nourished.
We take to our heart that the experiences that benefit our peace of mind, our souls and our emotional equilibrium here have to benefit the nature and people that make it possible for us. A small and consistent contribution is given to the different projects of our MomellaFoundation, helping local people in different ways and protecting nature. By supporting the MomellaFoundation, you ensure that through your safari the journey of the local population leads to more prosperity and to a more secure life.
Marlies, Joerg with our son Donyo and the entire team wish you a great journey.
Safari njema!